Bartlett, S. J., Witter, J., Cella, D., & Ahmed, S. (2017). Montreal Accord on Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) use series–Paper 6: creating national initiatives to support development and use—the PROMIS example. Journal of clinical epidemiology89, 148-153.


Patient-reported outcome (PRO) data are beneficial to a range of stakeholders including patients, clinicians, researchers, national funding and regulatory agencies, health system administrators, and policymakers.


Because stakeholders represent diverse groups and needs, it is challenging to reach consensus on how to advance PRO development and harmonize data across settings to enable use for multiple secondary purposes. Collaborative national networks can facilitate the sharing of expertise, resources, and necessary infrastructure; create development, use, and reporting standards; optimize formats to efficiently store and transfer data; and disseminate tools and information for widespread uptake.